Stella: In most states, spouses cannot sue each other, except for divorce. This goes back to the old common law theory that the wife's identity is subsumed into her husband's when they marry. In the Dr. Laura case, the wife was straying during the marriage. Hold married Mrs. Hold knowing that she had many sexual partners before they met, and from what I infer, knew she had this STD at the time they married. Hold has not indicated that Mrs. Hold has strayed during the marriage. Also, I don't think his wife refused to use condoms-she just preferred not to, and apparently, so did Hold. So I think the likelihood that he could win damages against her are pretty slim, even if he can sue her in Connecticut.

I do think that if he wants to divorce her, he could use the STD as a psychological weapon to get better custody of the children. This would make the divorce a very nasty one - as nasty as his marriage. The children are adolescents now. It is a possibility that they would find out about the STD if its existence was mentioned in any of the legal pleadings. Now I don't think that even Hold hates Mrs. Hold enough to brandish that weapon with the possibility the kids would find out and the resulting harm that would occur to them.

This situation really sucks all the way around.