From one cat to are probably right...

I just want the MRS to feel as much or more pain than she has inflicted on her husband all these years. Literally she should be sued! Or put in jail. For all the bad she did to him.


1. Stole all his savings and lied about it (total around 112K)
2. Ran up all thier cards and lied about it
3. Savings now gone,cards ran up, money gone, then he found out.
4. Would not and will not work to make the money back
5. Demands more and more money and refuses to work
6. Demands $225K of home repairs
7. Demands trips
8. Demands he work more and more hours
9. Forged his checks
10. Continues to runs up cards
11. Demands and gets a large allowance
12. Drives 100 miles a day to spend more money
13. Lousy lover
14. SEX withholder
15. Tells him in detail how she used to LOVE sex with her other boyfriends. Real nice.
16. Makes thier marriage unpleasant every day
17. Brings stress on HOLD and the kids by verbally abusing him
18. Eats too much
19. Refuses to work at all. At home or on a job.
20. Demanded a houskeeper-she will not clean house
21. Insults HOLD in public
22. Demands trips, vacations, and jewelry.
23. Does not care about HOLD ever retiring
24. Gives HOLD an incurable disease
25. She could care less for anyone but herself
26. Treats HOLD bad in front of the kids.

We could go on and on. Had it been my spouse, I would have divorced her years ago but I would not have had children so I dont know that end of it. I think I would have rather married a criminal than a "Mrs Hold".

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