Change has always opened many doors in my life.

From unexpected breakups to job layoffs, it has always, bar none,
made for a substantial improvement.

The largest pay increases I've ever gotten have come about from first being let go from one company, then being hired by another at marked increase. Upsetting at first; rewarding later.

Breakups, always hard, have moved me to quit jobs (co-workers) and one time, when an engagement soon after college broke off, it caused me to travel across the country aimlessly with friends. I wound up in Seattle working at Microsoft, and experiencing many, many awesome women along the way.

I made a killing in stock options at Microsoft in the 90's. I also had more sex than I could ave possibly imagined.

If I had amrried that devilish girl, I'd be have been bound and gagged forever in Houston, texas.

My marriage,which lasted only three years, was the worst. She was a very beautiful sociopath, and the relationship did a lot of damage. The divorce was very hard for me, as she was the one who left. I implored her to stay and work it out. She was like the trollop in East of Eden. I now see how blind I was, and how I was used.

It ended up being the very best thing, as my relationship now is
amazing beyond words; she is my soulmate.

I hate change, I really do. But it has heralded in the very best things in my life. I'm a believer now!