Change is hard always.
Everybody has fears

What rules your life, FEAR? Fear of change? Fear of making a decision?

How could fear of change keep you in a life of heartache for many years?


I choose the abuse rather than choosing to get away from the abuser because___________________.

I choose what I know, even if that is terrible, because in the past every choice I have made is bad and I will be punished for choosing at all.

I am not able to CHOOSE. I must remain STILL and PASSIVE and REFUSE TO BETTER MY LIFE.

I am NOT going to think about all my choices and CHOOSE the best one for me. After all, I am not worthy to have any kind of good life. I refuse to CHOOSE my life's direction.

The direction of my life IS NOT UP TO ME. It is up to _________and _______ and _______________.

I want to have nothing to do with the direction my life takes.

If I be HAPPY or if I be UNHAPPY, I simply REFUSE to make any changes. My happiness is unimportant.

I would rather be unhappy all my life than take a risk or make any changes.


I love this bears repeating!!!

Simul Justus Et Peccator
“Righteous and at the same time a sinner.”
(Martin Luther)