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I don't think that anger is a personality defect but an expression of inner unhappiness. I would imagine if he felt better about himself, for his own reasons, the situation with the Mrs would improve.

You are correct that if I felt better about myself, the situation with Mrs. Hold would resolve itself. Whether leaving her would be an "improvement" is for each reader to judge.

That said, I think his anger and stand-offishness is having an effect on the Mrs. Who knows she might even get a job some day!

She will not get a job while we are married and I retain my job. She has made that very clear despite my being clear about all the things I have no intention of paying for. Every time she asks "when are we going to _____?", I respond with "whenever you can pay for it yourself." There are even things for the kids that she wants that I have rejected (save the date cards for D12's Bat Mitzvah, another travel basketball team for S14). Nothing seems important enough for her to work to obtain it.

Then again, the same could be said about me. As I have often remarked, we are very well matched.

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