Hello all,

I started reading this forum yesterday and was inspired to register by a strong desire to respond to a thread I read.

I've been looking for a mostly positive active forum to chat with others about marriage etc and have noticed that most forums tend to be more for marital trouble than anything else.

Anyway this part of the forum, being about romantic experiences, is the closest I have gotten to what I am seeking so far. So I thought I would start a thread about romance.

I have learned/experienced from my husband that romance is often all about the small things that get done every day. Here are some of them that I am grateful for:

1. The way he slips a breakfast bar into my handbag every morning so I have something to snack on when I'm hungry in my office.
2. When we have our saturday morning tea at our favourite cafe and order our regular choc mud cake, he will turn the icing side to face me - because even though we both love the icing, he wants me to have it.
3. The way he is serious and committed about doing 50% of the housework even though he knows he could get away with much less.
4. When the alarm goes off in the morning, he always gets up and has his shower first so that I can sleep in that extra bit.
5. He always wakes me up with kisses and a hug - which is an awesome way to greet the day.
6. Many, many random hugs and kisses throughout the day.
7. He always has time to listen and cuddle when I'm feeling a bit down in the dumps.
8. He keeps an eye out on restaurants that are serving the kind of desert I love the most (melty chocolate cakes) and takes me there with glee.
9. He has never once failed to tell that the dinner I make for him is yum.
10. The way he talks about me to his friends. ("My wife did this, my wife did that" - with pride - and when they tell me about this laughingly afterwards.. I feel so warm inside that he likes talking about me.)