The easy way to make this go away????

Tell your son that he could say:

"I don't remember many details about the time. But I would LOVE the chance to be on the stand for this sexual predator. Any opportunity to stand up for this beautiful woman and voice my opinion about what evil this man did to her would be great for me.

Where do I sign up? Because I think sexual predators are the lowest form of life on the planet, and every one of them should be in jail. In fact, they should legalize torture for sexual predators like your client. I'd be happy to accept your covering my airfare, hotel, restaurants, and everything else - for any chance to get my words on the record against him. Let me know when and where to show up.

Oh - you mean I would have to testify FOR him? That might not be a good idea. I really don't like sexual predators. I might say something you wouldn't like. Are you sure you want me on the stand? I would have to answer the other lawyer's questions HONESTLY, wouldn't I????"

That lawyer will NEVER send you a supboena.


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