Any tips on drills or tips on obtaining those positive personality traits?

Those words conjure up assortments of 'diet fads'. The ones that never really work in the long term. I think I have to make life long changes...

Thanks canwemakeit.



Thank you very much for asking. I did not want to go into anything that was not 'asked of' but I promise complete honesty...

Mostly, it is because; I cannot complain of a bad life...

Nothing tragic ever happened to me in childhood. My parents were pretty happy people, it seemed like they had a good marriage. My dad used to get quiet and reserved on weekends, I can honestly say though...I never thought it weird, nor felt neglected...I was sort of a loner as is.

I think it is weird now though, and I notice a pattern in sadness too.

Anyway...Healthy amount of friends, I have red hair...So that afforded me a certain level of picking on; I was never the fancy of girls though...And I guess I was better at numbers than socializing in groups...

I got most of my socializing, during teenage years online. Everquest, chatting and forums got me most interaction. My favorite past times were video games; which I mastered.

**EDIT** I guess I cannot imagine how I forgot to mention this originally...But my parents got divorced when I was 17...My dad cheated on my mom before I was born...That is what I am told. Bethany's parents are still together. I do not believe in cheating and reading the contents of the Q&A here have strengthen my resolve to never commit adultery. Unless porn watching is considered.

I was always good at relating and understanding with different concepts. It made me a broad conversationalist able, if approached, to talk intelligently. I mostly stayed to myself. I am good at being a nice person, I can show affection and kindness to friends. Good at poker, making fun of myself, my mom and sister think i'm hilarious...beth too... and lastly i'm probably too good at being a dword or ahole.

Im bad at being selfish, I often just do what I want to do with little or no regard to others. Family gatherings are viewed as annoyances, well that is fading...I probably still play too many video games...I utilize pornography, at addiction levels. I am bad at keeping my mouth shut and sometimes i say way the wrong thing. I almost feel I am honest to a fault, I cannot claim to have never lied...But I am very honest...filtering only a little from beth.

Probably the worst is the uncertainty i have in myself, I can't even truthfully re-read the above and say it is 100% myself or if what I'm saying is just coming straight outta my butt...Can anyone relate???

I'm indifferent to all sorts of stuff smile

Bachelors in Science: Computer Information Systems
Bachelors in Administration: Management of Information Systems

I work at a fulfillment agency; I perform quality control on XML order code. XML order code is the information that is transmitted over the internet from "Website" to (essentially) "Warehouse) when you push the 'I wanna buy it' button. I test the transmissions before any customers to make sure that the information is transmitted correctly and safely before production. If it scores me any threads, I used to do work for the Red Wings, as a blogger.

never really had trouble in early school...Had trouble in college, college was when i 'bloomed' socially and started hanging out in crowds more and attracted women, not many.

I hope I covered the why/how a little.

Again I very much appreciate your interest catperson.

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