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Everyone can be all peachy keen and teh awesum and still not be ready.

It is better to not get married than it is to get divorced.

Hehe, thank you for relating with my age level's slang smile

The girl is mostly teh awesum though...I guess that is said in a lot of these threads...But I read them and cannot completely relate. Bethany commits no crime (and very very little love busters) to me, so I am afraid of losing a great thing...if i could just get over "POTENTIAL" internal crap.

The way I am feeling, it is better try marriage with her. Which I guess answers the thread and should be case closed...BUt I cannot get over these...fears? anxieties or w/e they are. Are these whats causing the friction between us?

**EDIT**And I have come to that conclusion many times before, but here I am back here in depressed sad mode (although i feel like I am coming out of it venting here...gr...). And these negative modes are really starting to affect the relationship.

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