Sorry to double post...

Is it not a good thing to want to tackle these issues head on? Am I being too emotional? Should things just be natural? It is not that I feel that our relationship is completly crappy, but I think so intesivley on these subjects as attempts to start the marriage off correctly...I mean Dr. Harley does teach good practices right? I am just trying to rationalize and take into account how often people get divorced...Is it a good idea to start off the marriage with the mindset:

"This is going to be super hard, you don't realize it yet...Please work through these books with me."

I say that as, much to her dismay and retaliation at the discussion of...I know that Bethany is naive in ways...Shes never lived away from home and I am sure has lived a very sheltered life. She is very smart, and I think she 'gets it' in may ways...But I am so afraid of her...neutralness? Passive? When I guess, I am more fiery and have more heart.

Anyway...Thanks again.