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I couldn't get him to orgasm by giving him an hj or bj. That is, until my husband stopped masturbating. He'd conditioned himself to respond to his touch only.

Very interesting...As that is the case with me as well; her foreplay only makes vaginal intercourse go more quickly...I cannot reach release on strictly that stimulation alone.

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I also think, you understand, that if you don't have release every day, you won't die. Your man bits won't burn up in sudden combustion.

Yes, I do understand that...And while I can feel a bit childish stating; 'but why allow myself to be in..blueball pain, when releasing it is so...easy?'

I understand that pain and strife must be adhered to, sometimes, for personal growth...I wonder how much restraint and growth I will have to go through for my johnny to fricken only need it every 72-96 hours...But part of me doesn't even want that to occur...because sex is so pleasurable...I don't want to 'want it less'.

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If you don't want to watch porn, then why don't you stop? Put a filter on your computer, like net nanny, and have your SO put in a password.

Another interesting comment that made me look inside...Thank you inrecoverynow. Infact, i deleted my massive archive of porn in a self-induced mental breakdown one evening (she was not involved at all). I can remembe thinking "How can she keep up with this type of [censored] Eric...Get rid of it now"...I was in a different state of mind *cough*...Maybe at the time a good one...I then promptly deleted, years and years of gathered...300+gigabytes of pornography. Since then...I've submitted back into the habit, to relieve the pain (buildup) down there...I only get to see Bethany once or twice a week and it causes me much guilt to kinda...pounce her when I see her...

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