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OMG! (How's that for more slang).
There are lots of resources available to you:
A therapist that specializes in sex addiction (often labeled CSAT)
Any 12-step group (SLAA, SAA)
Anything by Patrick Carnes (Out of the Shadows, Don't Call it Love)

Good Luck.


I just now saw this message on page one, i missed it previously...Fortunatly..I am very honest with Bethany, I do not hide OR LIE to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously we are both very naive and inexperienced in love...We have both only had a very few relationships.

I will begin looking at the resources you provided after work today.

The only thing that is really confusing me, is the doom and gloom you all paint...While I am finding it, hard, I still have a positive expectation of my marriage with Bethany...I want to work out these issues...I wnt to be happy with her. Is that immaturity as well? *sigh*

----AGAIN----THESE ARE NOT FALSE THANK YOUs...Thank you very much for your haste responses.