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You either believe that people can change or you don't. You either believe that people can be redeemed or not. I tend to think that people can and do change. Perhaps they mature, become less selfish, and finally develop respect for their marriage that they should have had in the beginning.

I had an affair, 9 years ago now. I will never have another. I protect my soft underbelly now. So am I irrevocably evil and of no character? Maybe. But not because I am an adulterer. I am many things, but I am not that now.

It is not a WS thing...it is a human being thing. We all have done things that do not reflect well upon ourselves. However, by realizing that we are 'weak', we allow ourselves to change. We 'protect' ourselves to build stronger character. Would you say a priest that molests a little boy had a weak moment? Supposed to be the strongest of character, yet not so much. Read this thread and see how many "strong characters" cheated, and then ask yourself "if they had such strong character, what happened?" And now that we all know the dangers of getting close to the opposite sex, how many tempt it because we have 'strong character'. I never said anyone had no character, or that weak character was a bad thing. We all sin and all sins are equal, so it does not matter if it is adultery, lying, cheating, stealing, or envying our neighbors Bentley.

Me: 32 BS DDay: 9/14/08
Slowly coming to the realization that I
am one of those who can't get past it.