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You forgot to add: We are ALL vulnerable to an affair, under certain conditions. Most people don't place themselves under vulnerable conditions.

Like StillCrazy said, she PRACTICES extraordinary precautions, therefore, she is NOT VULNERABLE to an affair. It is the folks who do not have any boundaries who are vulnerable.

So, Mel, what are the conditions under which you would have an affair?

What are the conditions under which I would have an affair?

Seems certain conditions under which I would commit adultery are absolutely none of the conditions under which ever other human being who have ever lived decided to have their affairs.

Otherwise I would have one by now. Hundreds by now. Right?

"Never forget that your pain means nothing to a WS." ~Mulan

"An ethical man knows it is wrong to cheat on his wife. A moral man will not actually do it." ~ Ducky

WS: They are who they are.

When an eel lunges out
And it bites off your snout
Thats a moray ~DS