Thank you for your reply GoddessLacey smile
I know every couple has fights its just that this fight was a huge one and I rather not go into so much details because we were both wrong.
We did talk last night and we promised each other that we would no longer do those harsh things to each other, such as he wouldn't leave and I have to really start controlling my anger. Yet, this morning I found out that what he was really doing was "punishing me" and I felt bad hearing that from him. I explained to him that he shouldn't do that because he is not God to punish others and that if you love someone you dont want to punish them you want to embrace the love, but in a way I understand that perhaps he just wanted to get his point across and in which it was very well taken... I love him, I wish that he would speed up his process on recovering from the fight for this weekend, but I have to learn that everyone is just different and that he needs his time to come around.
He also told me that this really hurt him and that he just cant be feeling all great, which I understand but I really do want him to feel better....quicker....
I also asked him that I wanted to hear that everything would be ok and he did reasurred me, which made me feel ok to know that in some time from now everything will be back to how it used to be.
As far as working, yes I do work, I work full time and I do about a forty minute commute to my job everyday. I don't have any children yet, this little bun that I have in my oven will be our first gift from God. Everytime I talk to her (my bun)I just get excited and can't wait to see her and kiss her.
I do think that been pregnant does get one crazi"ER" its just I wish men all men can understand that sometimes we women have no control of the raging hormones that go through our bodies, and although its only temporary its really one of the excuses for us to be so weird...
As far as help goes I called some therapists yesterday but didn't have any luck because they still haven't returned my calls, but today I will keep trying and hopefully my luck will turn around.
I greatly appreciate the advice that you gave me I just would like to know if I can't get a therapist what other type of help can I look for?