Mrs. Hold knows I find her attractive. I pinch her butt and tell her she is beautiful on a daily basis. I refer to her as the incredible shrinking wife. I tell her how great she looks and how impressed I am with her progress. She does not need sexual attention from me to feel attractive. I think if I never had another erection and never attempted to have sex with her she would be very pleased.

I would agree with you that I should get the pills if I intended to have more sex. Not being able to perform sexually with my wife would be damaging to my self-esteem. But as long as we don't have sex, it doesn't matter. I am not going to pay money for pills so I can perform better during masturbation. To me that feels like some kind of cruel joke I am playing on myself. I would get the pills if I needed to them to achieve orgasm. But as long as I can orgasm, my hand is not going to complain about the state of my erections during masturbation.

I do intend to demand a testosterone check. I'll tell my doctor that I have problems sleeping (I do) as well as loss of muscle tone and erectile dysfunction. That should be enough to get the test authorized. Who knows, maybe they will find something is wrong. If the doctor tells me to take Viagra, I guess I will accept some sample pills.

But if my right hand starts becoming more demanding, I am going to blame you people!

When you can see it coming, duck!