Hello again

I am so glad you gave your age as well as more backround. I don't know why but in your original post, you came off as being very young and maybe a bit naive. Now that I have the whole picture I feel a bit differently. You have very strong feelings for this man obviously and have been separated for a very long time. It sounds like you were always in love with him and this is perhaps one reason why your marriage didn't work (not saying the only reason, but one). Now that you have him again you must be overjoyed! I think the jealousy and control issues are stemming from this. Anotherwords you were deeply in love and then separated, yet never forgot him. You may be subconsciously fearful that this could happen away. It may be your way of holding strong and not letting him slip away this time, instinctually trying to protect your love. I think you just need to reassure yourself that he is with you because he loves you. He proposed marriage to you because he loves you, he wants to share the rest of his life with you. That is a beautiful love story. So just remember that and try to let yourself relax, and remember that you have him now and that is what matters. I would suggest spending time doing relaxing things and reassuring yourself that he is in love with you, hence the proposal. This should get easier as you go. Make sure you work on it though, if not it could cause some resentment in the future.