I don't think I've ignored everything else you've said, I believe I've answered your questions as well. In the previous post before that, I also asked out of fear, that after 2 years if he still says he's not ready and still hasn't proposed, what do I do?
I've prayed about this for so long. It isn't just a one time thing. It has been ongoing for more than a year, and I've read heaps as well. How long is needed to be "financially stable"?

Ask him about himself? What do you mean? His dreams & plans? I've supported all of that and will continue supporting it if that's what you're wondering. Why would marriage change anything?

Yes perhaps we've taken each other for granted at times, but we're both striving very hard. Perhaps you're only seeing somethings you wish to see as well. My love tanks are dry. I've been lonely and I have always felt that I'm not good enough for him and you've made me feel that way in your past few posts...