Hold, I agree about the testosterone thing. In fact, many men are diagnosed with depression and put on ADs (which then worsens the sexual issues) when the real issue is the testosterone level. There is a chart somewhere on the web that truly shows what T levels should be according to age and it's not the farcical one that says anything over 200 is fine. That's fine for an 80 year old, maybe.

My H had this issue and I think it happened after he had his gall bladder out and developed some unforseen complications and got very ill. Somehow, his hormones were completely out of whack after that. And he was on ADs at the time. Finally, a doc said to him--let's test your T levels. And though they were well over 200, they were still well shy of where they should be. They kept him on the ADs but also put him on Testosterone. Wow, what a difference. He felt better physically as well as mentally, his sleep problems went away and his sexual issues resolved. And he was eventually able to discontinue. His body just needed a kick-start.

Even though he refuses to consider ADs again now, I wish he'd go back and get his T levels checked again. I think this latest round of stress from his layoff last year has screwed up his hormones again.

And good luck to the kids! My middle son was in US Swimming for about 4 years and made jr.nationals. I wish he hadn't given it up but he prefers the high contact/team sports.

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