D12 made nationals as an 11-12 soloist. Her 13-15 team also made nationals - extremely impressive since (i) one girl dropped out last week so they had 8 days to rechoreograph the entire routine to deal with her absence and (ii) the drop out left them with only 6 girls and there are increasing penalties for each person less than a "full" team of 8. As far as we know, no other team in the region as small as 6 made nationals.

Unfortunately, S14 did not fare as well. They won twice on Saturday (one in double overtime) but then lost twice on Sunday (once by a single point) to be eliminated. No nationals for them. Their biggest guy broke his wrist 2 weeks ago, so he was not at 100%. And their best player tore his ACL a few months ago so they have been less dominant than previous years all season.

As it happens, my uncle from Chicago was in town for business meeting on Friday so he stayed around and joined me to watch the games Saturday. That was a very nice day.

I don't think S14 was as upset as D12 would have been, so in the bigger picture the weekend results were fine. Now we just need to figure out how S14 will be spending his summer since he will not be having daily basketball practice.

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