Congrats hold! That's really cool about D12. It sounds like S14 also did well, even if his team didn't win it all. The important thing is to have fun and to learn good skills - physical skills, and social skills like good sportsmanship.

I totally understand feeling torn when one kid wins more than another. Our S7b won his boy scout pack's Pinewood Derby, so he went to the regionals a couple weekends ago. Of course if S7b won, that means S7a didn't. Which really sucked because S7a was totally thrilled and excited for S7b when he won his first heat. It would've been nice if such enthusiasm had been rewarded by S7a also doing well. But we try to encourage them to be supportive of each other's accomplishments, and we try to make it a positive experience for them both.

IMO you've got a great couple of kids there. They are doing wonderfully!

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