The date will have passed by Thanksgiving. The day of the religious ceremony is also my parents' 50th wedding anniversary and S14's birthday. So it is a big celebration.

Mrs. Hold got off the phone today with the entertainment and the caterer. We are "importing" the entertainment from Long Island. So it should be a novel treat for our guests from the "boonies" where we live in CT. And the caterer is more reasonably priced than the one we used for S14's. So Mrs. Hold is getting the "wow factor" she wants from the entertainment and I am getting the "cost factor" I want from the caterer.

We had a "dress emergency" last night. D12 HATES the custom made dress they picked up yesterday. Then she pulls out a black sequin dress from her closet. I think it is perfect. Mrs. Hold thinks it is too short. No budget left for a new dress. Dad tried to save it by buying a silver motorcycle jacket on Ebay that matches D12's shoes and allows her to "punk" her dress. Or maybe we will buy a 2" strip of fabric from JoAnne's and have the seamstress sew it onto the bottom of the black dress. We shall see how this is resolved.

D12 has learned all her prayers. I am almost done learning my reading from the Torah. I sent the brochure explaining the week's Torah reading to the rabbi for approval. So we have all the religious duties taken care of.

Now we just to "speciate" all the stuffed animals that D12 is donating to Ronald McDonald House as her mitzvah project.

When you can see it coming, duck!