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Hold...Do you feel threatened by her weight loss? Do you feel, possibly, less desirable in some way?

Threatened? No. I dealt with that with the viagra. At this point, if she cheats, that will just help me end the marriage without being the "bad guy".

Less desirable? No. No way for me to feel less desirable than I already feel. I never had a hot bod. There have been times when I was more fit and times when less fit. I have worn my hair longer and shorter. Grew a beard and then shaved it off. My physical appearance and fitness have never made much difference in how Mrs. Hold treats me.

Neither has her looks or fitness. She treated me just as poorly when we first got married and she had a killer bod as she did when she gained weight after the kids. She treats me the same now that she has lost some of the weight and gotten much fitter.

I had hoped that her getting fit and losing weight might affect how she feels about herself and about sex. But I guess we are too far down the road for it to affect how she feels about me. Then again, I always thought it would affect how I think about her, and it hasn't done that either. I feel just as angry and bitter and resentful as before she lost the weight. Which pretty much explains everything.

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