Call me Pollyanna today, but life could always be worse, right?

In a predicament where I wanted out but couldn't for several years, I would use that time as wisely as I could in all sorts of directions in my life -

Time with the kids, college education possibly, bettering the finances, losing weight, etc. It might help you to figure out the different areas of YOUR life and ask yourself if you're working on all of them, you know...being proactive in all directions.

Perhaps it is time to stop hoping for the marriage to turn around and maybe then your mood will shift in a more realistic direction. You can then start thinking ahead. What do people in jail do while they await freedom? They exercise, learn the system, try to learn a marketable skill or get a college education, own their wrong doings, cherish family visits, try to have some fun. You can do that, surely.


"Stop yappin and make it happen."
"The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you."

Me 47
DH 46
Together for 28 years.
Married 21 years.