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Here are some of the things i see that i do not agree with.
First, that women are less sexually driven than men, and, as a consequence , their affairs are more emotioanlly based.

Women are less sexually driven....how do you explain that an average man thinks about sex 10 times more than a woman??...or even better, I would bet that the content of what the other gender is thinking is on opposite sides of the pole...

I am just not seeing all this desire for emotional connection pre sex out there among women.

Huh???.....this makes no sense to me.......are you saying you see women out there just trying to hook up??? Without ANY emotional connection at all???....(and if so, maybe the men out there need a to think about a new job.....sorry Z, but I'm not seeing the street corner hookers getting squeezed out by male hookers.....)

storeis here where, after reconciling, the WW admits that her husband was a better guy, more emotionally available than the OM turned out to be.

Hmmmm.....but was the BH that way BEFORE the A??....more often than not, no.....of course, the OM is going out of his way to be more emotionally available to the WW......(and of course the BH'S were the better man all along.....duh)

So, if that is the case, why did she have sex with the guy?

Because he was meeting her Emotional Needs...whatever they were at the time....

Why is it that in the last three years , about 75% of the women I have dated want to have sex within a month?

Hmmmm....ask them.....

and it sure is not because we have become emotionally connected in that short time.

Maybe they WERE connected to you. You may not have been with them, but that doesn't mean they weren't with you....the only ones who could really answer that is "those women".....