Hold - hoping I didn't offend you.

We had a death in our family last night. Not something any of us expected. A freak accident leads to a few broken bones...you expect to heal from something like that...then you develop internal bleeding and pneumonia, and your time is up...

Mortality and lost chances seem to be weighing heavy on my mind this morning. We take a lot for granted - that there will even be another chance, another tomorrow.

Every Sunday, when I kneel in church...I thank God for all my 'second' chances. I pray for guidance. I thank God for each new day, so that I can try again to be a better wife, a better mother, daughter, etc.

Some morning...I won't wake up - and I'm just hoping all my 'second' chances will amount to some measure of success - that I won't look down and shake my head at myself.

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