I want to tell you something I did that helped me. Having issues with my marriage, unable to sleep and had the same feelings you did with SF from my wife. Finally one night, after not being able to sleep, prayed.

"God, I dont know what you want me to do. But I need peice and comfort in mylife and I'm tired of trying to control this out come on my own, I am giving my slef to you, I am yours, do with me what you will."

After this prayer I was able to sleep, I was able to have this weight lifted off me. I was able to look at my wife with a difference tone then I had before. I would never have thought this would have worked, but it did.

Now, are we have Sex like rabbits? No, but we are a lot better, she is more open to my advances and treating me kinder.

I just wished I would have asked for help much earlier. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose.

ME 35
W 34
Married 7 years
DD 4
DD 3m