Hi again Hold (my previous username is sexyat35).

You are a good lawyer Hold - and you're good at crafting arguments on this forum too. Anything anyone throws at you, you will counter. Heck sometimes, we're confused about what you need anymore!. Problem though is that your marriage is not a court of law. You don't need to win arguments there or here on these boards Hold.

And yes, we all know you love to hold on to your resentment, hold grudges, dish out passive-aggressive blows to your wife because you get a pay-off from seeing her squirm, suffer,etc. We get it. You admit to everyone that you are cruel and that you like to be cruel, both to yourself and Mrs. Hold.

So your wife still refuses SF with you? Good. IMPO, as long as you think you're entitled to it, I hope she continues to refuse. You need to change. Period.

I know I sound terrible, but the quicker your marriage goes down hill, the closer to happiness you will both be. Why do you wish for your marriage to rot - with both of you in it. How cruel Hold.