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If you can force yourself to turn off the alarm, take a shower, dress, eat, and go to work everyday...then I think you can force yourself to gather your lab results and medical information and make an appointment.

Nope. It is about perceived psychological cost, not energy required.

If what you posted were true, then we could tell all the lower libido spouses at MB "if you can force yourself to do the laundry or yard work, then you can take half the time to have sex with your spouse." Doesn't work that way.

It occurred to me that the holidays are here, and there are many people who become depressed during those weeks. Could be that for someone who is mildly depressed, the sitch can become even worse. I know for me, the holidays are always stressful - Could this be compounding your depression as well?

Yes, seasonal depression tends to occur this time of year. Affects many people. Sorryt o hear it affects you.

Not my issue. I don't get depressed because it is dark. Or because of the holidays. I am depressed because the last "milestone" between now and high school graduation has passed. And I realize where my plans have me headed. And I don't want to go there. But I don't want to change course, either.

Depression is rejection of responsibility. I don't have the guts to take charge of my life. Or to own up to my responsibilities. So I go numb. And refuse to admit they matter. But they do. No matter how firmly I push my fingers into my ears.

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