Who says I am talking about physical energy required? Actually, I was talking about the emotional energy.

You go to work for your family - so that you can provide for them, right? Why would you not see a doctor so that you can be a more productive member of the family and a better father? (shrugging here and not seeing much of a difference).

You're a bit off on the milestone thing - you skipped over first dates, driving, and prom. Anyway...doesn't look to me like I'm helping much here.

I do think you should find someone who will work with you to find the type of medication that will work for your body, and I think you would do well to find an individual counselor. I'm not a professional, but some of the things you've said make me think there could be more to this than mild depression.

Does depression run in your family? Wouldn't you like to get this straightened out in case it does and in case your children may be predisposed? You obviously love them and are concerned about them. Why show love and concern with some issues and not with others?


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