I hear you are hurt when I say I see you lie to yourself and that you don't want me saying that again.

It was figuring out all my lies to myself which enabled me to change...freed me to change my actions, my choices, form my code.

I'm limited to the only way I know.

And the lie is that you failed to change your choices today. That's it. Truly, that is reality. Today is all we have as humans...and no matter how broken, bad or unacceptable you view yourself...I believe we still agree you're human.

When we fail to choose differently, we can experience our lives as consistent failure. Becomes our comfort zone, where we achieve success by failing. You know this. You're choosing your perspective for a reason...please share your intent on continuing to make the same choices, "will continue to fail"...

Do you truly "I hate myself" or do you "I hate my choices"?

IHMC...sounds like a military branch to me.

Btw, I caught myself reactive yesterday at work...and discovered I am still keeping score when I believed I'd laid it down...put it away. Resentment is like a pulse to me. Does that mean I failed? Or failed yesterday to act and not react?

I owned my part and amended. Good to know, though I have definitely changed my choices (hence, changed per your post), I can still make old ones again, even when that's not my intent.

Minding my own business through you, Hold. Just like so many others here at MB, still in your corner, even if at times you may see it as being in the ring with me, instead.