The MRS needs to put her money where her mouth is. She has manipulated you for 14 years now. I would like to see her realize what stealing your retirement money has meant to you. And to get a full time job, give ALL the income to you to pay back debt and restore your retirement account. That would maybe take 7 years. During those 7 years, you could decide to like her again.

Perhaps you love her, but you do not like her much. That always causes a conflict.

1. You love her in a deep way and as mother of your kids
2. You dislike her most days
3. You do not trust her
4. You cannot trust her with your emotions
5. You cannot trust her STILL with finances
6. You cannot trust her to save money
7. You cannot trust her with your sexuality
8. You cannot trust her to support you in any way
9. YOu cannot even trust her not to disparage you in public
10. yOu cannot trust her to respect you
11. you cannot trust her to be a spiritual equal
12. You cannot trust the woman with anything
13. You cannot trust her to get a job and help out.
14. You cannot trust her not to lay demand after demand on you

You are but a convienient meal ticket for her. It is a sad waste. And you think this is YOUR PROBLEM or YOUR FAULT?????