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14. You cannot trust her not to lay demand after demand on you

Yesterday Mrs. Hold spent the afternoon researching summer enrichment programs for S15. She showed me one from NYU and one from Columbia. I think thay cost about $5000 for 3 weeks of programming. Given what it costs to attend college there, may or may not be a "good deal" based on time spent. But that doesn't matter, because we don't have the $5000. And somehow I feel guilty that I cannot afford to provide this for S15. He is already spending a week at a science camp in Bermuda that is stretching our budget.

WTH is wrong with me that I cannot simply say "I would love to provide that to S15, but we can't afford it. So we will have to find something less expensive." ARGH, I am such a wimpy loser!!!!!!!!

When you can see it coming, duck!