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HOLD, in your younger years, before you knew what the MRS was truly like, you could have banged her and not worried if you liked her or trusted her

No. I could not have. That is part of the tragedy here. I was never that kind of guy. Once I realized a woman was not "the one", I was uncomfortable having sex with her. That is one aspect of my lack of pre-marital sexual experience.

To that extent, I was similar to someone who was "saving themselves" for marriage. Which makes the lack of sex in our marriage all the more painful.

In a wierd way, I think I could more easily have "no strings" sex today. Today, I feel the younger me was stupid and naive and idealistic. Today, I would grab that guy by the throat and shake him back and forth and scream "you idiot, what are you waiting for? get out there and get some!" I don't like the me I was then. And I don't like the me I am now. What a waste.

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