From my point of view, without trust, you have no relationship. In order to live with a woman you knew you could not trust....just think what you had to do to YOURSELF and YOUR OWN order to continue on with her.

I could not live with a man I could not trust. It would emotionally and spiritually kill me little by little. The sad part is, MRS HOLD has had chances to prove she is now trustworthy.

1. She could prove to you she does not look to spend beyond the budget ever.

2. She could get a job and pay your accounts back that she stole from

3. She could save money by cleaning her own house

4. She could refrain from blowing the budget every chance she gets as if it means NOTHING

5. She could use her skills as an accountant to make up a detailed family budget and stick to it.

Any and all of these things could have and would have told you that she was "now trustworthy" and then you could have begun to trust her again. But NO. She did not do ANYTHING that would cause you to deem her trustworthy. She simply...can NOT be trusted. And you KNOW THIS. And you still have to live with her. And it probably kills you inside.

Not being able to trust your spouse would be heinous. A destructive and heinous position to be in. The fact that you are living with an untrustworthy person would make you feel bad about yourself and most everything else. Every day would seem bad. Living with such a person.

She may as well have had an affair on you for as much damage as she has done to your trust.