HOLD things could be tearing you up inside. No wonder you are not very happy.

1. You feel you must stay with an untrustworthy spouse
2. Your wife PRETENDS you have $$$ to spend on expensive stuff
3. Your wife you live with does not care to help support the family.
4. Your wife does not care for you yet you must support her
5. You love the kids and the wife comes with them.
6. You love your wife but cant trust her and do not like her.
7. You cannot enjoy being around a person you cannot trust.
8. She lies to you, to herself, and to others around her.
9. She is an accountant who refuses to stick to a budget
10. She does not help look out for you or the family..financially
11. She is often mean to you
12. She is rude to you
13. She is diseased with herpes
14. She is a human leech
15. She offers nearly nothing to you
16. She does not give anything but expects you to sacrifice everything including your own mental and physical health.

I dislike your wife so much for her selfish behavior. I could not live with such a person.

I would have anxiety attacks since my inner being would be constantly screaming at me to "get away from this person! NOW!"