She has seen the numbers. She wishes they were different. She behaves as if her wishes were reality. When she ran our finances, she spent us into oblivion. When I took them over, I shared all information with her as to our income and expenses. She refuses to accept there isn't more money available.

It is a DJ, but I think what she actually refuses to accept is that she made an irrevocable mistake in marrying me. She thought I had much more family money and much more earning potential than I actually do have. Now that it is too late for her to go back and be 29 and never been married no kids, and go find a better sugar daddie, she refuses to accept that she is never going to get to live the kind of lifestyle she imagined she would get by marrying me.

Which is only fair. After all, I refuse to accept that I am never going to get to have the sex life I thought I was going to have by marrying her.

See, we are a perfect match!

When you can see it coming, duck!