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It is a DJ, but I think what she actually refuses to accept is that she made an irrevocable mistake in marrying me. She thought I had much more family money and much more earning potential than I actually do have. Now that it is too late for her to go back and be 29 and never been married no kids, and go find a better sugar daddie, she refuses to accept that she is never going to get to live the kind of lifestyle she imagined she would get by marrying me.

Yeah...it is a DJ, but it's worth asking her about, Hold. I think this is the kind of negative speak you keep feeding yourself that contributes to your poor self image. I think it's about time you got it out in the open and then put it to rest.

I think that would be a healthy dose of radical honesty.

Actually, it's just "blaming" or "victim puke" without really doing any effort towards whatever goal.

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