HOLD, I just got a thought. Perhaps your wife always asking for expensive things, things that only Millionaires buy, is her way of "keeping you down" and "punishing you for not making the money she wants to spend">

I think it is a little snide way to keep you unhappy since she is unhappy without unlimited spending money. That she thinks she deserves.

The woman is bored and selfish. She should either be put in prison for what she did to you or forced to work at a terrible ditch digging like job for the next 10 years.

She seems pretty heinous to me. She killed you HOLD, and continues to do so....just not physically.

Every time she mentions some thing she wants big money for, she is trying to make you feel bad. She wants to dig that knife in DEEPER.

An ACCOUNTANT surely knows how much money is available and where it goes. Offer to buy her the latest accounting software so she can see the money flow for herself.

And I would not buy that _________ wife...ANYTHING. Rather put the extra money toward your retirement. Also make the kids have stuff that is reasonable, not stuff and programs that extremely wealthy kids go to. That is insane. It does not help the kids get ahead. There are much less expensive programs they can benefit from.

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