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JM HOLD is talking about when he found out his wife, who had been managing their money, (she had that accounting degree after all) blew over 112K of his retirement assets, plus ran up all thier credit cards...in less than a year (BLEW THE MONEY ON NOTHING BUT JUNK) and hid all the reciepts from him.

Then, she kept lying to him until he found out the money was GONE!!!!

I would have divorced her back then. She will do nothing to pay any of it back. In fact, since then, she has forged his checks, stolen money from credit cards, opened her own credit cards that she ran up, and misused (overspending) his debit cards whenever he lets her have one for the day.

She is terrible.

Ahh, yeah I remember that. Yes, that's one area where trust is broken. BUT, it took a very long time for Hold to assert and put effort on his part in taking control of the money. He felt trapped or stuck or unable to "rock the boat" at the time because the "lack of sex" in his marriage at the time defined it for him.

Or rather gave Mrs Hold all that control. She sure has a lot of the blame, but Hold also has his part. But in the end of it all that effort to find blame, the issue was not immediately handled.

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