Wow, HOTI;

That is about as thick of fog babble that I have ever heard on this site. Trust me, if you were rationalising an A (instead of the self hate obsession thingy..on and on) people here would sniff it out in a minute and cook your can about it.

What kind of mother spends her family into the poorhouse, and wants to spend $5k on an non imparative activity for her son? Tens of thousandds of dollars this woman has frauded from her FAMILY fund. For what?
What kind of mom spends her family into the poorhouse?
The kind of mother who is married to a father who enables good ol' ma to put their children's futures at stake.

She is an addict-- hello-- mentally ill. And she has found, obviously her perfect match. Yeah, I know that is harsh- but just go back about a thousand fogspeak rants and see what I and others here can see. People are telling you here YOU have an issue, and you just ignor it and continue on.

So, can you budget an alcoholics booze? No, you insist they get off the sauce. If you love them or your family-- (yeah I know, you hate so and so and yourself..blah blah blah)
If you think your kids are going to love an appreciate you (with this card house of lies, addiction and general dysfunction) you are wrong. I bet your children are smart as whips. The best thing you could do it to

Does your family know what has happened? About all the money, embezeling and debt?
Does hers? Why not?
Why is she allowed to wheel around like "bigshot Molly" and screw her children's futures over (note: I am not even addressing your future- you are an adult and if you want to let her pi$$ it away that is your choice)

I feel sorry for your kids. They will be the ones to suffer in this economy (your kids fafsa is based on YOUR credit ratings) You let this go on for TEN YEARS?

You are older, I believe I read. Why did you not do an intervention before now? sex? fear? you hate X,Y,Z...?

You come here to "vent" and browbeat yourself- but nothing but fog and dust ever really happens. That is not MB. You know that, you write well and I can tell you are smart.

Me; W 46
Him; H 46

2 girls
Dated/Married total 28 years.
..I am learning and working on myself.