I was horny this morning. Equipment seemed to be working. I wandered by Mrs. Hold naked. She invited me into her "lair" (her word). Was nice. On the way out the door she said "have a nice day" and I replied "I already did" and she giggled.

Point is I listened to you guys. I was in the living room planning on servicing myself and thought "this is nuts, I should at least give her a chance to meet my needs." So I wandered into the computer area and it went well.

And last night she was talking to S15 about the summer. They were viewing more programs. I told them "money is not infinite, and we have not yet allocated anything to D12 or the rest of the family. I am not enthusiastic about allocating more to S15 at this time. How about being a CIT?" They said that was a good idea and they will look into being a CIT at a local university that runs a sports camp over the summer. We shall see.

Maybe being eeyore all the time isn't such a good idea.

When you can see it coming, duck!