Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.

After 2 trips to Home Depot, 2 hours with son helping me get the cutout the exact size, and 3 hours of using the dremel tool to widen the punchout in the junction box, Mrs. Hold's new cooktop got installed Saturday. Felt proud since it took me almost 8 hours to finish. But in the end it seems to work fine.

Although will take some getting used to because instead of setting "6" on our old cooktop meaning that the coils were 60% as hot as on "high", for the new cooktop "6" means that the coils are on full blast for 60% of the time (roughly on for 12 seconds then off for 8). Glad I warned Mrs. Hold because I knew it would freak her out when the burner turned itself off while she was cooking. I had trouble judging how long to cook the pancakes Sunday morning (I figured that is the appropriate way to break in a new cooktop). Mrs. Hold had trouble figuring out how long to pan fry the cutlets Sunday night. But I am confident eventually we will get used to how to keep the pan at the appropriate temperature.

Between getting a $1200 cooktop for $300 on Ebay and not paying to have it installed, this was a huge bargain!

When you can see it coming, duck!