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Good! Versus busted pipes, right? Whew - smile

Exactly, thank the Lord for Saturday basketball practice during vacation.

Did you stay in a hotel with your family?

Nope. Sis and BIL live in NYC, and they typically spend vacation week in Florida. So we typically crash at their place.

That is why the weekend was so great. No rent. Only $6.50 to park. NYE in Central Park is free. The improv show was $15 pp and the Liar's Show was $12 pp. Even the all you can eat buffet was only $20 pp (my buddy is a member of a private club and they put on an amazing spread and he can invite guests so the 8 of us went). Then both families went to a 3rd family who has an apt in NYC and spent the day together and ordered pizza for dinner. So a fairly reasonably priced weekend in NYC with 3 nights "out on the town". We like to take the kids into the city so they get used to buses and subways and traffic and jammed sidewalks. We don't want to raise "bumpkins" even though we live in the woods on a road with no sidewalks or street lights.

When you can see it coming, duck!