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I agree with what Barbie said. Why not take control and quit giving your wife money? Then force her into treatment. Barbie is right, your wife wants to prance around like "Big Shot Molly"> but it is all fake. Your wife has damaged the family, the kids, and you. And you sit around and take it. I have asked this 100 times from you HOLD. Why not confront your wife and take full control of the finances.

It is because the effort to confront, the will to overcome what trepidation Hold have has to come from "within" himself.

And despite him wanting such changes, he procrastinates and continues to adhere to the "fear" as a validation for staying in the unhealthy and miserable state of his marriage.

It is up to Hold himself to put effort to such changes. Without that, he will be in the same situation as was since 8 years ago?

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