I absolutely love fat, I eat the fat of everyone's steak. They're all, "yuck, you're going to put that on yourself and have high cholesterol." I must be a freak of nature, b/c I eat fat like there's no tomorrow and my cholesterol is fine and as for being fat, well not even close!

You have to do exactly the opposite of the experts. Look everyone is on low calorie, carbs up the yang diets and yet US is getting bigger and bigger. Why, b/c we spike our insulin by eating carbs and get sick etc. We don't work off those calories even though they say they are easier to burn off. Not true, in my experience, teaching your body to burn fat is way, way more efficient.

Look up mark sissons site. His pictures look photo shopped, but that's him, they guy eats fats and meats. I use bacon grease as much as possible. That's something I never would have done in HS or college/grad. I use to take off cheese on pizza to avoid the fat from the cheese, no I layer it with all the meats... yum!