"Somehow I doubt that all the recipes from Southern Living are as low fat and low calorie as the ones from Cooking Light!"


What is it that Paula Deen says? Something about "Butter makes everything taste better!" I'm trying to think of an exception, and nothing comes to mind...

I tried googling "Paula Deen quote butter" and came across the following:

something about deep-fried butter

OTOH I'm a big fan of the Mediterranean Diet. And French Girls Don't Get Fat. A couple of years ago I was baking tons of sourdough bread, eating bread and olive oil, cooking with olive oil and everything from scratch; also eating a lot of sweets, usually with a sourdough component - pancakes, Amish coffeecake, cinnamon buns, etc.

Now that we've moved into our new house and H claimed the kitchen, he cooks with way less butter, way less olive oil... but more "processed" breads, sauces, sweets.

We've all gained weight. TEEF

me - 47 tired
H - 39 cool
married 2001
DS 8a think
DS 8b :crosseyedcrazy:
(Why is DS7b now a blockhead???)
(Ack! Now he's not even a blockhead, just a word! That's no fun!)