Yes, my wife views this as a lifestyle and not a diet. However, everyone's case is different. My wife did not need to lose 10 pounds after each pregnancy, she needed to lose over 50. She lost 40 of it after S15. She lost none of it after D12. Then piled on more pounds. Until she did the contest last year. She had about 60 to lose when she started. Not to get back to her pre-baby weight, which we all agree is an unreasonable goal. But to get to where she could reasonably be at this stage of her life.

BMI is not a good measure for her. She is short but broad shouldered and has a solid ribcage and is curvaceous. So she is always going to be high on the BMI scale. We go by percentage of body fat, and even there she will be on the high side because she will never be stick thin. Trust me, even at 129 she will still be more like Salma Hayek than Kate Moss. She is always going to have hips and thighs and buns and boobs. Which is great. That is how I like it! Curvy. But she still has more belly than she wants, and to get rid of the belly some of the hips and thighs and buns and boobs will have to go too. Boo hoo! I kid her when I lay my head on her thigh that she is going to be all skin and bones and no longer be a good pillow.

She already watches what she eats. She exercises every day. She lost 40 pounds. But then she hit a plateau. Has not lost any weight in months. She cannot reasonably exercise more, as she is developing aches and pains from the constant effort. She is going to the doctor tomorrow to address those.

So if she is going to lose more weight, she needs help. She is not going to WW to diet. She is going for the encouragement of weekly weigh ins and a group of people who will support her in trying to make further changes to her lifestyle. The entire family is supporting her as we are all going to be eating healthier along with her. I hope to lose a few pounds as well, as I have gained 5 pounds since I stopped running. My wife finds that the structure and discipline of WW appeals to her. She liked the structure of the contest. She is hoping WW will give her some of that back.

Take what works and leave the rest.

When you can see it coming, duck!