She actually does a nice mix of exercise, not all the same thing. Sometimes spinning. Sometimes yoga. Sometimes cardio-sculpt. I do think she needs to maybe add some time in the pool (now that she is a size 8 she no longer feels so embarrassed to be in a bathing suit) or something else that is more whole-body related than machines in the gym or classes in the yoga / cardio room. But I think that will have to wait until after the visit to the doctor tomorrow to get a better idea why her shoulder is bothering her and what can be done. D12 gets PT on her knee. Maybe Mrs. Hold will need to get some shoulder work done.

As for nutrition, they had a nutritionist talk to the contestants last year. And we have had meetings with nutritionists for D12 who is overweight and has many food allergies. So in our case, it is not a lack of knowledge but a lack of willpower that is the issue. Hence the WW. They do a good job of reinforcing self-discipline.

I also help. I make sure to buy salad greens every trip to the market. Mrs. Hold doesn't love them and rarely buys them herself. But if I buy them and put a bowl of greens on the table with dinner, she usually takes some. She is generally pleased as it helps her feel full and she has some zero calorie dressings she likes. Whereas I have dropped talk of the carrots and celery that are 0 points because I know she doesn't like them and resents my suggesting them. But salad she is open to being "helped" to include. She sees that if she adds salad to dinner she is less likely to need a midnight bowl of mini-wheats.

When you can see it coming, duck!