It is tough, but I started by using less weight, less repetitions, and less sets. If you watched the girl and guy doing the thrusters and pull ups, yeah I can do that now in 6:50, but the first time was 19 minutes with less weight. And I really thought I was in good shape before. It challenged/s me so much I now make it a 2-3x/wk thing. They suggest 3 days on 1 day off, but I tried that and it killed me with all the running I do, so I do less now.


I agree it's gotta be tough on women, no doubt after having kids. It really has to be a goal, but crossfit is so incredible in it's ability to give you a workout that you can do at home under 1 hour. Imagine the freed up time of not having to get ready, drive wait for a machine or whatever then drive home.

There's been days I get up take water and coffe down to my home gym, listen to news warm up, and be done in a total 25 minutes.

I've done triathlons, ultramarathons, adventure racing and I can tell you that NOTHING has given my metabolism a boost like those workouts. I've gone into races (usually place in atleast the top 20% if not 5%) thinking I was in shape and did well, but I am as fast at a 5k race now as I was in HS. That is all from the strength I gained from xfit. I was quite sure my speed days were behind me, but not anymore. Xfit has given me an edge by helping me crosstrain and drop body fat (extra weight in race) giving me the strength and confidence to push.